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Orsoni Smalti
Since 1888 Orsoni family from Venice is creating thousands of colors to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding mosaicists all over the world.

Neverless, it became necessary to establish a more limited colour range to be permanently on hand, in view of the constantly expanding mosaic tesserea market.

Passion4Mosaic offers over 100 colors in different shades and 20 selected gold shades with real 24 carat gold. 

The smalti variety is certainly incredible: brilliant, radiant yellows that acquire a luminosity unseen in tempera and pastels; greens that are sometimes rich and dense and sometimes evanescent, recalling water and crystal and moving towards turquoise and the endless range of blues-deep, magnificent blues that slowly change into violet and purple, one of the hardest colours to obtain. Then the reds, torment and joy for the most demanding mosaicists. 

We can all say that mosaics created by using Orsoni Smalti
offer boundless possibilities for expression.

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created by Anna Minardo " Pensieri " cm.50 x 50 Smalti and Marbles