Orsoni’s fame goes back to Venice of the XIX century, thanks to Angelo Orsoni’s initiative and artistic endowments.
Today, Orsoni mosaics can be admired in the furthest corners of the earth: from Westminster Abbey in London to the gilded domes and the Buddhas in Bangkok, from king’s palaces in Saudi Arabia to the artistic and religious works in Budapest, from the pagoda of the grand palace of the Royal Family in Thailand, to the Bund 18 in Shanghai.

Mosaic Atlas is a global gallery of public mosaic installations. Mosaics must be accessible to the public.
These can include mosaics in parks, museums, churches, restaurants, malls, shops, government buildings, etc. We want to display mosaics which anyone can visit now and in the future.

Orsoni Smalti Distributor in USA
Lynn Moor - Classical and contemporary fine art mosaics and custom mosaic installations. (West Harwich, MA USA)

OzMosaics by Sandy Robertson 
Mosaic classes and workshops, studio mosaic shop and art by mosaic artist Sandy Robertson
Mosaics Australia

QLD - Coorparo

Nola "artist at work"
... the studio of Mosaic Madness and Art for Strictly Beginners is now in her 7th year. Creativity abounds in this old fire station ...

 Glass Mosaic Tiles